Revo is an extreme sport club which offers snowboarding and wakeboarding classes and promotes these sports through a series of events. The team members are young, full of energy and color. The brief was to incorporate these characteristics into the visual identity of the brand.

Instead of the clasic, realistic photos, the concept illustrates drawings with strong colours that adapt according to the season and the ocassion. With the change of season, the wakeboard is switched with the snowboard and the idea of water is replaced with mountains. The concept can be found on every branding material, from posters for different events to the website and T-shirts. The logo design for wakeboarding is shaped as a drop of water for the obvious reasons and it is a drawing of a wakeboarding man. The colours are different shades of green and blue symbolizing water, nature, the infinite freedom of the sport and sky. With every event, the concept is reinterpreted while the strong, vivid colours and powerful drawings keep its essence.