The Superscrieri awards is a Friends for Friends Foundation contest that encourages the narative jurnalism and creative writing about people, events and real facts. Their mission is to contribute to the growth of the new generation of journalists. Quality, creativity and ingenuity are the pillars of their work. The challenge was to create the awards to reflect these elements for the 2013 Superscrieri Gala.

The nib is a symbol of literature and part of FFF’s visual identity. It was the starting point of the concept. The trophy was shaped as a scarf with the intent to be worn with pride by the winners during the entire ceremony. Fascinated by the creative process necessary to a superwriting (Superscriere), we thought the product design of the award should be as creative. Leather letters were laser cut and organized in a random order to symbolize the flow of ideas which take shape through the nib.
The same concept can be recognised in the badges.