Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură
Architects: Crintea Raluca
Type: residential row houses P + 1
Size: 450 sqm
Location : Sămârcaşi, Ilfov
Execution year: 2015
Style: classic, modern

Sămârcaşi is a project that hosts 3 duplex buildings for three families. The importance of different and specific design thinking to each of them, while preserving the unity of architectural composition was the primary need. In terms of architectural style, the clients’, two sisters and their parents, desired to create a classic look with modern interiors, even for the parents.

Concept and execution
The wood frame house is a duplex project with two flats located on its extremities, being developed on two levels (ground and first floor) and a third flat situated in the middle and spreaded only at the ground floor.

The apartments of the two sisters are in the mirror. Their ground floor is a generous space including a living area with a kitchen, a living room and a dining area. Upstairs is the night area, each apartment comprising two bedrooms with a bathroom down the hall and a master bedroom with bathroom and a spacious dressing.

Parents’ flat, which is located between the daughters apartments on the ground floor, includes a bedroom, a bathroom and an open space with living room, kitchen and dining area.

All three apartments have separate entrances and all living areas are oriented towards the back garden, where the entire family can come together on a common terrace, still offering the desired privacy.

The front of the house facing the street has a more subtle design with small clusters of secondary functions (bathrooms, walk-in closets, hallways), unlike the back, where both the living area and bedrooms at first floor present large windows full height level that provides luminosity.