Revo is an extreme sport club which offers snowboarding and wakeboarding classes and promotes these sports through a series of events. Our client believes in a strong relationship between man and the powerful nature. The brief was to incorporate these beliefs into the visual identity of the brand.

The approach was not a classical one and the logo design is a drawing, like a patch, built of symbols. Promoting extreme sports, nature is an important factor you want by your side as it has to accept you. The logo illustrates a medicine man, a shaman that is surrounded by shamanic elements such as colourful feathers, a goat skull and a Kukulkan snake. The feathers are a symbol of strength, the snake is a Maya plumed snake and represents the strength and dual personality of nature. The shaman holds in his hands the snow board – the totem. For the summer season, the shaman changes his totem with a wake board. The design has a fresh look, with vivid accents of colour and it is customized according to the season.