Interior design: Laboratorul de Arhitectură
Furniture: LINIA Furniture
Architects: Laurenţiu Stănescu
Colaborators: Titan Man, Luminna
Type: rezidenţial, apartment 3 rooms
Location: Bucharest, Liziera Complex
Execution year: 2014
Style: minimalist, modernist elements

Liziera is the apartment of a couple living in Dubai, specially designed to be their place of retirement. The space was thought for two persons and it includes the exact elements the couple needs for a comfortable, easy life style. Two challenges needed to be overcome: the TV unit in the master bedroom and a study room, as one of them works at home from time to time.

Concept and execution
The central piece of the apartment is the open space which includes the living room, the kitchen and a bar. The last one is embellished with a semi-precious stone (onyx miele) which can be lightened with an RGB led. The wooden floors and the grey couch with straight edges create a masculine look which is softened with neutral colors and rounded elements. The TV unit is hidden behind sliding doors.
The master bed is medium size and placing the TV unit represented one of the challenges. A video projector was incorporated above the bed and a projection screen can be rolled down every time is needed. The office is a guest room undercover. The multipurpose room has an extensible couch for guests.