Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură
Architects: Diana Nitreanu
Type: residential house P+E+M
Size: 315 sqm
Location : Pipera, Bucuresti
Execution year: 2016
Style: minimalist, romanian traditional details

Passionate about sports and everything related with activity in nature, the owner of this house felt the need to move with his family in a place that would offer more space and more peace after many years lived in an apartment in Bucharest.
Considering the birth of their child, the beneficiary has purchased a plot of 300 square meters, next to some of his close friends. It happened in 2014 but they didn’t start the construction work immediately, but a few years later.

The modern project design is a 3 bedroom two story house which can be built in a 300 sq. m. lot having a minimum frontage of 20 meters. At the ground floor, this design features 2 car outdoor garage, family hall, kitchen with dining, living and office space. From the main entrance you can see the living room which is open all the way to the dining and kitchen.
The sleeping area is located at the first floor.
The concept behind the house is an extension of the client’s usual activities in a carefully organized space both indoor and outdoor. The project can be seen as a work of art, that can be placed in another location, with the help of its impersonal nature, in contrast with its intriguing harmonious aestethics, that, paradoxically, could be placed in any frame. The clean landscape and the distant horizon seem to penetrate the building, embedding the volume along with nature’s elements, infiltrating and opening it to the sky.
The 300 sqm plot area offers the possibility of holding two garden areas around the house, each with different forms and functions area. Crossing the space more surprises appear: the whole is not discovered at once, but gradually, step by step;
The back terrace is particularly inviting; it is here that the designers “replicated” the dining table, making things fresh and colorful for outdoor relaxation.

Arhitectură: Laboratorul de arhitectură