Interior Design: Laboratorul de Arhitectură
Furniture: LINIA Furniture
Architects: Laurenţiu Stănescu
Collaborators: Epoxy Design, Sensio
Type: public spaces, bars, cafes
Surface: interior 180 sqm, terrace 100 sqm
Location: Bucharest
Execution year: 2015
Style: eclectic (mix of industrial elements with new-york like, Bauhaus and Art Deco influences)

Fumetto Bistro is another division of Laboratorul de Arhitectura, developed with two childhood friends. The outcome came from a long decision process, to create an unique place, where the latest trends in design meet with good mood and tasty food. Fumetto is a restaurant located in central Bucharest, an oasis of old Italian stylish atmosphere wrapped in a new-yorkish feeling.

Concept and execution
The interior is shaped by graphic refinement described by basic geometric shapes: triangle, square, circle covered in golden touches of brass. Elegant finishes, dark shades and over-sized lights describe the genuine atmosphere of a bistro-lounge.

The ground floor is structured to accommodate party times, furnished with sofas and tables at the same level with the bar. The atmosphere of the restaurant from the 1st floor keeps an eye on the entire ground floor through the partial split-level.

The combination of brick and concrete with golden nuggets give warmth and preciousness to materials that might appear rigid at first sight. In different parts of the ground floor was implemented the #goldchair concept to a more precious look. The over-sized and elegant golden chandelier is accented by the large windows and the elevated space, giving Fumetto the space to breath.

The color palette is complemented by natural green vertical gardens, arranged above the location, improving the micro-climate and air quality.