Interior design: Laboratorul de Arhitectură,
Architects: Laurenţiu Stănescu,
Type: 3 rooms apartment
Surface: 150 sqm
Location: Bucharest
Execution year: 2013
Style: mix de minimalists elements

This project was designed for a young, modern girl who knows what she wants. She values order and needs big spaces in order to store fashion items and not only. For the work area, our client wants a clean space to inspire her.

Concept and execution
The apartment is an open space with colorful decorations that create the transition between the main areas. Being a minimalist design dominated by non-colors, the touches of decorations generate a great visual impact and redefine the space as homelike and personal. The cream tone of the wooden floors is the perfect and flexible background for vibrant colors like turquoise and fun design. The green olive textile sofa, the minimalist armchairs and some fashion universe references like wall accessories, decorative leather butterflies or design bookshelves create a mix of eclectic style.
The dining room is a multifunctional and flexible space, optimized with a dining table that can be pulled-up when not used and so it becomes part of the wall furniture.
In order to design the work space the client visualized, it was proposed a clean, white desk ready to be embellished with creative ideas. A small, green sofa embedded in the wall furniture gives the room a more relaxing, intimate kind of look. Also, this kind of furniture arrangement creates the illusion of an increased living space and solves some of the storage issues.