Interior design: Laboratorul de Arhitectură
Furniture: LINIA Furniture
Architects: Diana Nitreanu
Colaborators: Luminna, Moir
Type: design hotel
Surface: 30 sqm
Location: Constanta, Mamaia
Execution year: 2014
Style: eclectic, modern with persian influences

Design Hotel is an architectural program that covers a new world of symbols, a hotel where each room is different from the other, each having an individual story behind.
It is a new way of describing hospitality: a warm and friendly welcoming combined with personalized services.

Concept and execution
The interior proposed defines the traditional and revitalizes the classic image of an architectural program that would have had the identical rooms.
Guided by the necessities of the new generation of tourists, the result was an interior that would offer luxury and that cozy feeling embraced by a modern view.

The clients are looking for a place where architecture, design and the ambiance work together, thus being able to be customized according to their needs and, implicitly, the needs of the guests.

Rex Hotel is distinguished with a particular philosophy and a solid concept, personalized, underlying its personality, revealing an unique atmosphere.

Each of the interiors, each room has a special story dedicated, transposed through cultural elements, textures, materials and colours.

You are able to feel the very special atmosphere the minute you walk into the lobby, maintaining the feeling throughout the walk, till the roof top bar.