Interior design: Laboratorul de arhitectură
Furniture: LINIA Furniture
Architects: Laurenţiu Stănescu
Colaborators: GlassWorks, Luminna, Moir
Type: residential, apartment 2 rooms
Surface: 80 sqm, 200 sqm terrace
Execution year: 2014
Style: eclectic (mix of minimalism, retro and industrial elements)

The apartment is located on the ground floor of a building and has a wide opening to spacious terrace. The fitting was conceived by the young architect living in this space.

Concept and execution
The concept describes an eclectic mix of furniture pieces manufactured from massive wood (dining table), heavy painted metal (dining chairs, master bed), glossy finished MDF (TV unit, bathroom stander), etc.
The base color is white and the accents were brought by furniture items and accessories, that were meant to warm the atmosphere.
The seats have red legs, the sofa is in gray color, the paintings and other objects have a touch of light that brings orange notes. These last little details strike a touch of femininity to this predominantly male atmosphere, described in straight lines .
The use of wood furniture was meant to create a welcoming atmosphere. The dining table top is made of solid oak, the coffee table is made of cherry wood and was bought from the flea market and refurbished.
The centerpiece of the living is marked by the MOOI chandelier signed by Ron Gilad. This iconic piece brings attention to the relaxation area, while creating an aesthetically game.
The overall light objects are pretty discreet. Black soffit lines, in which the lightning is hidden, were used as though these secondary recessed lights leave the main illuminator to be “the star”.
The shape of these secondary lights is projector type that gives directional illuminate, completing the feeling of warmth and pleasant atmosphere.
The illuminate is also put into value by the reflection created in the glossy white epoxy resin.
For an industrial touch, the dining chairs and the coffee table were manufactured from metal by LINIA Furniture.