Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură
Architects: Diana Nitreanu
Type: residential house P + 1
Size: 220 sqm
Location : Sisesti, Bucuresti
Execution year: 2016
Style: minimalist

This home is the result of the owner’s needs to be better connected to “green” spaces.

In a clear formal idea the rear composes 3 extruded white cubes that look essentially like they have been let go, landing like dice randomly on top of each other. The white volumes open up towards the garden views, creating an almost seamless connection to the surroundings while shaping fluid, interacting interior spaces. The architects composed public and private spaces in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

The cubes which are opened at their ends are utilised as devices to orchestrate views to the interior design elements within the structure itself or within or beyond the site. This project embraces it ‘green-ness’, with interior, exterior and landscape – through interior finishes – all informing each other with equal importance.

As part of their connection with their garden and nature, the owners also sought to incorporate as many strategies into the home. Starting with the new addition’s orientation, window placement and shading, the sun is exploited for passive heating and cooling.